Bearing tips | ceramic ball bearing

Ceramic ball bearings - Advantages

1. High speed

Because the friction coefficient of ceramic is small, the ceramic ball can achieve high speed; The ceramic ball has low density and small centrifugal load, which can reduce the friction damage and heating of the bearing.

2. Wear resistance

Because ceramic materials have few dislocations, low mobility and high hardness, which is more than twice that of ordinary metals, they can reduce wear and make ceramic bearings have good wear resistance.



3. Heat resistance

Ceramic materials have small coefficient of thermal expansion and good self lubrication. When the service temperature is 800 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃, there is no expansion caused by temperature difference. They can be used in high-temperature equipment such as furnace, plastic making, steel making and so on.  


4. Insulation

Ceramic material has high resistivity and is a good insulating material, which can be used in conductive environment.

5. Long service life

The ceramic ball can continue to work even if the grease is dry, which avoids the problem of premature damage when the ordinary bearing is lack of grease.

The superior performance of ceramics makes the bearing widely used. At present, the common types of ceramic ball bearings are: hybrid ceramic ball bearing and all ceramic ball bearing.

Post time: Mar-22-2022