Three identification methods of bearing faults

Bearing, as a precision part of mechanical equipment, how to improve the productivity of the factory, first of all, the performance of mechanical equipment must be the best, and one of the most important relations with the performance of mechanical equipment – bearing.

Therefore, the factory must conduct a good inspection of the bearings in the mechanical equipment during production and processing.

1. Recognition by sound

Recognition through sound requires rich experience and must be fully trained to recognize bearing sound and non bearing sound. Therefore, special personnel should be assigned to carry out this work as far as possible. The sound of the bearing can be clearly heard by sticking the listener or listening stick to the shell.

2. Identification by operating temperature

The identification method is only used in the situation where the running state does not change much. For this purpose, continuous temperature recording must be carried out. In case of failure, the temperature will not only rise, but also change irregularly.

3. Identification by lubricant status

The lubricant shall be sampled and analyzed to judge whether it is polluted or mixed with foreign matters or metal powder. This method is especially effective for bearings that cannot be close to observation or large bearings.


Post time: Apr-01-2022