Create Together! Skf China Joins Hands With Sf Group To Build An Intelligent Manufacturing Internet!

Recently, SF group and SKF China signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. Xu Qian, vice president of SF group, and Tang Yurong, senior vice president of SKF group and President of Asia, officially signed the contract, which opened the prelude to the comprehensive cooperation between the two sides. Yao Jun, general manager of SF Express Shanghai, Rui Qing, vice president of SKF China, David LH Johansson and Zhou Jie attended the signing ceremony. Mr. Wang Wei, chairman and founder of SF group, took the time to attend the signing ceremony.

SF is committed to becoming a data technology service company with independent third-party industry solutions, enabling the transformation and upgrading of the industry's digital supply chain through the big data AI capability and rich industry science and technology products precipitated in diversified businesses, as well as leading the intelligent and digital technology innovation of the logistics industry. On the one hand, SF has been deeply engaged in the express logistics industry for many years and gradually extended to a diversified comprehensive logistics service company, providing rich experience and intelligent supply chain products for the development of logistics technology. On the other hand, SF continues to consolidate the industry's science and technology chassis, help partner business intelligent growth, combine rich experience precipitation and scientific and technological ability, and create big data decision-making, omni-channel business products and ultimate performance ability.

SKF provides products and overall solutions related to rotating shafts, including bearings, seals, lubrication management, artificial intelligence and wireless condition monitoring. These products and solutions reduce friction and carbon dioxide emissions, extend equipment uptime, and improve equipment performance. SKF entered the Chinese market in 1912, serving more than 40 industries such as automobile, railway, aviation, new energy, heavy industry, machine tool, logistics and medical treatment. Now it is evolving into a knowledge, technology and data-driven enterprise, committed to realizing SKF's vision of a reliable world in a more intelligent, clean and digital way. In recent years, SKF has accelerated its transformation in the fields of business and service digitization, industrial Internet of things and artificial intelligence, created an online and offline integrated service system with "skf4u" as the carrier, and led the transformation of the industry.

Create Together

Whether it is intelligent manufacturing or supply chain logistics, the digital transformation driven by big data is imperative. As leaders in their respective industries, SKF has accumulated knowledge and technology in the industrial field for a century, combined with SF's digital scientific and technological innovation and performance ability, the two sides work together to explore the data decision-making ability from the cost supply chain to the revenue growth supply chain, from the traditional upstream and downstream definition to the user as the upstream.

The two sides will cooperate closely in several key areas and applications

1. Internet digital intelligence platform for intelligent manufacturing industry: build an industrial SaaS platform to help the digital upgrading of the industry.

2. Digital intelligent supply chain and agile warehouse distribution logistics: use digital technologies such as big data AI to realize agile response and efficiency improvement of the supply chain.

3. Reliable and efficient logistics equipment and transportation: pilot a new special scheme for idler to improve equipment performance, reduce maintenance cost and promote unmanned logistics scene.

4. Intelligent high-performance UAV: timely and effectively determine the operation of UAV to ensure the safety of the whole machine and goods.

5. Interconnected, reliable and safe fleet operation: avoid accidental parking in transit through intelligent wheel end scheme, and reduce the operation risk and maintenance cost in the whole life cycle of vehicles.

6. Carbon neutral green solution: share green supply chain and clean energy, and extend green value to the upstream and downstream of the industry.

SKF is undergoing transformation from a supplier of bearing products to a partner who can provide customers with products and overall solutions related to rotating shafts. While realizing SKF's vision of "a reliable world", SKF helps customers and the world eliminate waste. SF group and SKF China will take this as a prelude to strong alliance, complementary advantages and ecological common prosperity. This comprehensive cooperation will also become a model of industry + Internet cooperation from technology realization to logistics performance, so as to jointly create an industry benchmark and make a long-term contribution to the sustainable development of enterprises and society.

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Post time: Sep-27-2021