There Is a New Breakthrough In The Technology Of Bearing Bush And Rolling Bearing!

With the higher and higher requirements of mechanical system on the performance of rolling bearing, dynamic analysis method has become the key core technology of bearing research, while the simulation research on the performance of rolling bearing in China started late. Through in-depth study of bearing dynamic simulation technology, the engineering center of bearing group has made a series of research achievements in bearing multi-body dynamics, dynamic mechanical characteristics and fatigue life simulation, and realized the qualitative breakthrough of bearing simulation technology from static to dynamic.

At present, the engineering center establishes the bearing dynamics model by applying the domestic and foreign advanced software combined with the independently developed software, calculates the mutual force and motion trajectory of various parts in the rolling bearing, including the rolling element, cage and ferrule, and checks the bearing strength. This technology can simulate, calculate and analyze all types of bearings produced by bearing shaft at present, including bearing contact mechanics, dynamics, modal analysis and harmonic response analysis, and form a series of calculation and analysis operation procedures. The research results of bearing basic theory and simulation technology of bearing have been widely used. It provides a complete R & D system from theoretical analysis to simulation test under computer control, which has a significant impact on bearing product design, test analysis and fault diagnosis, and further improves the recognition of the industry and customers for the bearing simulation technology level of bearing group.


Recently, according to statistics, Wazhou group has achieved a year-on-year increase of 29.2% in revenue in the first half of 2021. Both export orders and domestic orders in the operation area have increased significantly. The monthly orders of single row conical bearings of a certain specification alone reach 80000 to 100000 sets. In the face of adverse factors such as rising raw material prices and epidemic situation, the tile shaft has deeply tapped its internal potential to improve production capacity. Through the transformation of the grinding and loading production line, the implementation of process route adjustment and the cultivation of multi skilled workers, it is ensured that the production capacity of each production line in the operation area is not lost and the order is produced quickly.

With domestic demand as the main body and domestic and international double cycles promoting each other, the automotive bearing plate of Wazhou group is moving towards a new pattern of high-quality development. Breakthrough progress has been made in the export of Heavy Truck Bearings, successfully entered a number of new markets, and the growth rate of orders has exceeded 200%. Not only the orders for automobile bearings increased, but also the market orders for wind power bearings, extra large bearings, medium and large bearings, precision bearings and metallurgical machinery bearings of Wazhou group also increased steadily. This year, Wazhou group made every effort to build "2021 scale". The company has successively carried out the action of "a good start in January, a high start in the first quarter, and more than half of the time and tasks". Focusing on expanding capacity and reaching production, improving quality and efficiency, and tackling key problems, the company has steadily released the stock and effectively supplemented the short board. At the same time, the company broke the traditional distribution mode by implementing the adaptive organizational performance system and the dual salary distribution mechanism of technical grade allowance for skilled workers, stimulated the enthusiasm and initiative of all employees to grab orders and ensure delivery, and the market orders continued to grow, the production line efficiency continued to improve, and the employee income gradually increased. In the first half of the year, the company achieved a year-on-year increase of 29.2%.

Post time: Sep-27-2021